Mission & values

An organization that serves financial services professionals.


The Council of Professionals in Financial Services is a key unifying organization for Financial Services Professionals. It plays an advisory role and promotes the interests of professionals while building trust and solidarity in the industry.

The goal of the Council (CDPSF) is:

  • Offer them customized services and support
  • Promote their collective interests and their professions;
  • Build bonds of trust and professional solidarity
  • Help them excel through the establishment of an Academy “The Advice Direct” for Financial Services Professionals using the latest technology.

  • Modernity in continuity

The Council accompanies its members in the evolution of their profession, while promoting the values of integrity, ethical practice, and competence.

  • Centralization with respect for tradition

The Council represents its members fairly, in all regional delegations and in all fields of practice. The Council centralizes the voices of all its members and becomes an organization that represents and defends their interests.

  • Integrity

Integrity, responsibility and transparency are top priorities for the Council; it advocates ethical practices by all of its members.

  • Listening to its members

By carefully listening to its members and through studies of the exercise of their professions, the Council will act as a spokesperson for its members to clients, regulatory organizations, provincial and federal authorities, as well as the capital market.