Sell The Problem – Donald Hart

Sell The Problem – Donald Hart




CSF – 1 PDU in General Subject


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Please read carefully the information below. In order to get your CERTIFICATE OF PRESENCE you must answer successfully the questionnaire below to obtain your PDUs.

In some of the training sessions, the moderator will ask you to validate your presence by e-mail. DO NOT TAKE THIS MESSAGE INTO ACCOUNT ANY MORE. Please proceed with the following method instead:

Repeatedly during your training, keywords will appear at the bottom of your screen. Once you have ENDED YOUR SESSION, click on the tab QUESTIONNAIRE at the bottom of the video. We recommend that you take note of the key words on a separate piece of paper. Only at the end will you have to validate them.

Please answer all the questions by typing all the keywords in the good order (EXCEPT THE WORD EXAMPLE) before clicking the button SUBMIT. You have a maximum of 5 attempts. To obtain your PDUs, you must answer all the questions correctly (100%).

Our videos can contain SEVERAL EPISODES. If that is the case, you will have to view all of them one at the time. You can leave and resume a training session at any time. However, if you stop the viewing of an episode before the end, you will have to start that episode all over again. You cannot move forward or backward during a training session.
Some sessions can also contain a supplemental questionnaire. To obtain your PDUs, you will have to answer all of the questions at the end of the training session and obtain a minimum grade of 60%. Again, we recommend that you take notes during the session.

Once the training is successfully completed, you will receive your certificate of attendance directly by e-mail in a PDF format.

If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free from the website of Adobe at this adress:


The key to solving a client’s problem is having him recognize the situation in the first place. This session will review two case studies illustrating this issue, and provide you with guidelines on how to get the client to acknowledge that a financial problem does exist. The end result is a call for action for your client.





Donald Hart is Vice President, Training and Development, IDC Worldsource Insurance Network (IDC WIN). He joined IDC WIN in 2015 in this role, with a mandate to grow and evolve educational programs and processes, and best practices for advisors.

In his role as Vice President, Training and Development, Don has direct responsibility to oversee all education forums for IDC WIN, as well as promotion of the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process (LEAP) system for IDC WIN, and to introduce and train IDC WIN advisors in the use of the MoneyTrax, a sales and marketing system.

His career in the insurance industry and advisor training began in 1981, and he subsequently assumed progressively more responsibilities and expertise in sales processes and products. He ran his own insurance practice, as well as conducting hundreds of training sessions throughout his career. He had a significant role in bringing LEAP and MoneyTrax into Canada. Prior to IDC WIN he was executive vice president in charge of recruitment, development and training of advisors at an Ontario MGA.


In order to recognize the value and the role of the financial advisor, this online training session by Donald Hart is offered for free to all the professionals involved in financial services. This includes the general public. However, you have to be a privileged member to obtain your 1 PDU.


You can accumulate a maximum of 5 PDUs on top of what is required for a qualifying period. This is only possible for the last three months (September 1st to November 30th of an odd year). These can be postponed to the following qualifying period or after the period of exemption.The advisor is responsible to transfer these excess PDUs in its secured file via the site of La Chambre de la sécurité financière at (No rerun are possible. No refund)

It is not possible to receive professional development units (PDUs) for the same training session followed during the same qualifying period. With the exception of the business break, any absence of the room during a training session will be recorded on the certificate of presence of the participant. Please take note of the rules of participation found in Article 4.1 of the Policy on Compulsory Professional Development Activities of La Chambre de la sécurité financière at No refund. Non-transferable.